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i'm victoria and if you ever speak to me in spanish please use the formal usted

im so tired of my aesthetics. i like the way i look but people will look at me and think im into zooey deschanel and arctic monkeys………

i like kanye west and cumbia goddammit 

i hate how adults think kids have it all easy, as if school wasn’t a model world, with social cliques and pressure to succeed and cruelty fuck it



In the Sixties, you could purchase a ticket to see The Beatles live in concert for $2.50, $3.50, $4.50 and $5.50. With inflation, that amounts to approximately $19, $27, $34 and $41 in present day. To. See. The. Beatles. Live.

I paid more than all of those combined to see ONE Beatle

yeah but there was no minimum wage back then……. and the man was frequently the only source of income in a household……not saying concert tickets aren’t overpriced but…